What is scrip?  Scrip is a term that means “substitute money.”  When you purchase scrip you are purchasing the same gift cards that you would purchase in the store and are used just like cash for your everyday items such as groceries, gas, restaurants, clothing, gift giving, etc.  The difference is that with every purchase, our school earns revenue and so do you!

How does scrip generate funds for us?  The Great Lakes Scrip Center acts on behalf of our school (and many other organizations) to purchase large amounts of gift cards from grocery stores, department stores, and other retailers. Because scrip is purchased up front with cash and in such large quantities these retailers offer a substantial discount.  Thus passing this discount on to our school where you purchase them at face value. The discounts offered range from 1% to 25% depending on the retailer.
This makes scrip very popular because families don’t have to sell anything.

How do I purchase scrip?  You can click here for Shop with Scrip and register for FREE online. It does not cost you anything to register. Follow the prompts to setup your account and use our school code.  Please use your oldest child’s name as your student so we can track your purchases and give you credit for your purchases.  Scrip does not accept credit cards but you will need to setup your presto pay. KTA only processes orders placed and paid for via PrestoPay. PrestoPay allows your payment to be automatically deducted from your checking account for a small fee of $.15 per order.  This is usually cheaper than the cost of a check and you don’t have to worry about a lost or misplaced check.  You will receive a code that needs to be sent to the school coordinator to verify the account.  Once you have entered your PrestoPay information, Scrip will make 2 small deposits to your account to verify that it is in working order.  When you see these 2 deposits in your account, log into your account and enter them when prompted.  Finally, you will receive another code that you need to send to our Scrip Coordinator to activate your account. Order or recharge your card Online at Shop with Scrip.

When will I receive my scrip if I order at the school? Orders are due online on the first day of each month at 5:00 pm.  All orders placed by that deadline each month will be available in the school office 7 days later.  If you would like your scrip order to be sent home with your child you will need to sign a release form. Reloads and ScriptNow! are available anytime online.

Who can purchase scrip? Anyone can purchase scrip!  Ask your family, friends, co-workers, and church family if they would like to support you and KTA.  They can order through  you or set up their own account.  Just remember they will need to enter our school code and your child’s name so you receive credit.  They can pick up their scrip orders in the school office or they can designate you to pick it up for them.

Where is the Scrip school code for KTA? The Scrip school code for Kankakee Trinity Academy can be found in Sycamore. 1) Login to Sycamore. 2) Click on the School dropdown menu, then click on Documents. 3) Click/download the file named KTA Scrip School Code.docx. The code will be in this file.

Be sure to check out the growing list of ScripNow! vendors and reloadable cards.
Please contact our Scrip Coordinator with ANY questions or assistance you may need getting started at or (815) 935-8080.

Order or recharge your card online at Shop with Scrip.
What Scrip can do for you and KTA - vid
How to Setup a Scrip Account - vid