This year was the first year my children attended K.T.A.  Previously, we were attending public schools in the Herscher School District.  Though we didn’t plan on leaving the district and were quite happy there, plans for our family changed drastically last year.   When my children and I moved to the Bradley -Bourbonnais area, I expected the kids to have to endure more changes by enrolling them in the Bradley School District.  However, after prayerful consideration and godly counsel, I spoke with the board about the kids enrolling in K.T.A.  It was very clear and evident upon meeting with them that the leadership at K.T.A. was of godly men and women.  They not only have a desire to provide a safe and efficient educational environment, but they have hearts to serve the Lord and further His kingdom.  They cover their meetings and decisions in prayer and desire others to do the same.

My children have always enjoyed school so I wasn’t surprised that they enjoyed K.T.A. also.  However, enjoying school and loving school are two different things!  In a year where their lives were turned completely upside down with the loss of their family unit, their beautiful home, their pets and way of life, it was a comfort to know they were comfortable once again.  K.T.A. felt like a warm home that they were welcomed into.  The teachers and staff felt like loving family.  Friendships have been established and my kids are excited and happy about each school day.  Their days are filled with words of encouragement, a safe learning environment, and an acknowledgement and education of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I never thought I’d hear the day where my kids were sad that summer break was nearing!

What an incredible testimony to God’s goodness this experience has been!  One of my favorite verses that we have displayed in our home is so fitting to the theme of this past year…”For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11  In a time of utter confusion, heartache, and loss, how incredible to look back and see God’s goodness and faithfulness.  K.T.A. has been such an incredible blessing to our family.  Not only has the transition into our new life been made easier, but my children are experiencing firsthand the work of their Father and the fruits of His Kingdom here.  In a society that is trying to lure our children with so many tactics in social networking, entertainments, and “me” mentality, it is refreshing to see them captivated by the characteristics displayed and taught at K.T.A….kindness, goodness, selflessness, and godly living.

May God richly bless K.T.A. and all of the families, teachers, and staff who attend!

- Denise Strahan

What does KTA mean to me?

My experience at KTA has been wonderful, moving, enriching, touching and has grown my relationship with Christ.  I cannot imagine my life without all of the positive relationships which have formed through my teaching at KTA.  I began teaching high school history in the fall of 2010 and was welcomed with open arms by the staff and students.  How refreshing it is to share devotional time with my co-workers every morning.  What an awesome opportunity it is to pray with my students.  How moving a testimony to my students’ Christ-like compassion when they pray for me?

In just three short years with KTA I have been blessed to be a part of the lives of so many students.  The banquets and graduations are bittersweet moments that will linger in my memory for years and I so appreciate the rare opportunity that only a teacher has, to be part of such a special time in the lives of the students.  The most touching moment, however, which will live on in my heart forever, must be the day the students and staff surprised me by wearing PINK!  Here is the story…

Three cancer survivors were sharing testimonies in chapel on this day and I was one of them.  I previously shared my breast cancer story in chapel, so I was prepared to speak, but I was not prepared for what happened at school on this very day.  Upon entering the building that October morning, I was greeted with extra big smiles and lots of sheepish grins.  Still not knowing what was in store I headed to morning devotions.  Mrs. Keller led the prayer that particular morning and praised God for me and revealed that many of the students and staff were wearing pink in honor of me.  Of course, we all prayed for and acknowledged the many cancer survivors among our staff and families, but I was reminded of the love from so many students and adults on Pink Day, I was overwhelmed.  Thank you for Pink Day, KTA and thank you for some of the best memories I have.  I look forward with hopeful anticipation to many more.  I praise God for the blessing of KTA.

-Marnie Davis