History and Vision

An Inter-Denominational Christian School
Preschool through 12th Grade

Academic excellence in a Christian setting.
Striving for a more perfect union between Christ, life and education.

KANKAKEE TRINITY ACADEMY began as a concept developed by a group of parents concerned about a quality, Christian education for their children and the children of the Kankakee area. These concerned parents met often during the summer months of 1981 sharing their burdens and the vision of KANKAKEE TRINITY ACADEMY.

The Board of Directors of KANKAKEE TRINITY ACADEMY was officially organized on September 1, 1981, to establish a not-for-profit, co-educational, Christian academy to meet the needs of students in grades Kindergarten through Grade Twelve. The academy opened on September 9, 1981, with 38 students, in the facilities of Immanuel Baptist Church.

KANKAKEE TRINITY ACADEMY was founded as a non-denominational community, Christian school, with a strong evangelical emphasis. It was to be governed by a Board of Directors of evangelical backgrounds, each agreeing without reservation to the school's adopted Statement of Faith.The school's first year did not see students in Kindergarten, First Grade, nor Fourth Grade; however, the second year saw the enrollment go from 38 students to 87 students with the addition of these grades. The program of KANKAKEE TRINITY ACADEMY was evaluated by the Illinois State Board of Education in February 1983, and "full-recognition" status was granted to the school following the state's visit.

The school has been experiencing a steady growth, and the Board of Directors is committed, diligently striving for "academic excellence in a godly Christian setting." Each board member brings a unique background to his/her commitment to the ACADEMY and uses his/her area of expertise to fulfill the vision of KANKAKEE TRINITY ACADEMY. The original pastoral advisory board, composed of the Reverend Vernon Smith (Pastor, Faith Reformed Church), the Reverend Paul Brown (Pastor, Open Bible Church), and Dr. Robert F. Penner (Pastor, Immanuel Baptist Church) was instrumental in developing the school's Statement of Faith. A Parent-Teacher Organization was formed the first year, with its own officers, to serve as a liaison organization between the Board of Directors, teachers, and the parents of TRINITY students.

KANKAKEE TRINITY ACADEMY was founded as the TRINITY TRIAD--a triad with the HOME, the SCHOOL, and the LOCAL CHURCH. Each member of the triad plays a vital part in the children's education. The school's colors, BLACK AND GOLD, were selected by the school's first student body. The school's mascot, the EAGLE, was selected by the Board of Directors from a list presented to the Board of Directors by the Student Body.

KANKAKEE TRINITY ACADEMY has and will continue to strive to develop Christian leaders for the FAMILY, the CHURCH, and the COMMUNITY.
In the summer of 1998, KANKAKEE TRINITY ACADEMY moved to the Open Bible Center where we grew steadily through 2012.  In the Winter of 2012 the School moved into it's own location in Kankakee.  We are proud to be located at 1580 Butterfield Trail.  We have been in the new location for 2 1/2 years & ended the 2014 school year with 280 students!  God is so Good.