Our Purpose

An Inter-Denominational Christian School in Kankakee, IL.
Academic excellence in a Christian setting.
Striving for a more perfect union between Christ, life and education.

The primary purpose of KANKAKEE TRINITY ACADEMY is to provide quality, Christ-centered education, in which all academic disciplines are predicated on the belief that the universe was created by God for His glory. The program of learning will emphasize academic excellence with learning experiences aimed at developing the student's maximum spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, and emotional potential.

Learning that surpasses worldly wisdom

KANKAKEE TRINITY ACADEMY requires a spiritual point of view for the entire curriculum. History, science, literature, and mathematics are taught with God's point of view, not man's.

The Academy believes that a quality education results from (1) a challenging curriculum integrating God's truth into all subjects, (2) Christian instructors concerned for young people.

The focal point of the Academy's instructional emphasis is the teacher. Each faculty member is competent and qualified. Classes are kept as small as possible to allow maximum academic exposure to each pupil.

At the elementary level, within the framework of a complete curriculum, emphasis is placed on mathematics, language arts and reading-the basic building blocks of education.

At the secondary level, the course of study is basically college preparatory in scope, emphasizing communications skills, mathematics, and the sciences within a well-rounded curriculum. Provisions are also made for a curriculum for the average student

Learning that enriches

The student activity program will consist of a variety of student organizations and clubs, providing opportunities for extra-curricular learning and fun. The program enriches the academic curriculum, while at the same time, fostering a more closely-knit student body and faculty by providing a time for togetherness and enjoyment.
The activity program will offer opportunities for everyone to enjoy success and to develop leadership abilities.

A Cultural Enrichment Program is being developed to provide opportunities for appreciation of the arts among students at all grade levels.

Learning that builds character, confidence and cooperation

KANKAKEE TRINITY ACADEMY believes a sound body is an important compliment to maturation in Christ and growth in academics. The opportunity exists to provide physical development and development of athletic skills.

Learning to live by the Lord's standards

The overall objective of KANKAKEE TRINITY ACADEMY is to provide a means by which your child can be equipped and inspired to live a Christian life in a non-Christian world. The Trinity thrust is toward spiritual maturity through a knowledge of God's Word and a trust in His guidance.

We do not believe life is divided into the secular and the sacred for the dedicated Christian. The HOME, CHURCH, and SCHOOL should all be working harmoniously toward the same end product: a young person who has grown spiritually in Christ, leaving the school a mature, biblically-founded Christian, academically prepared to excel in continued education or a chosen occupation.